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Version A 7/4/2004

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We are the Big Book Bunch group of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our origins are the Students of the Big Book group, which has met in Woodland Hills, California since December of 1985. Our goals are to live the spiritual process through which sobriety is obtained and enhanced, and to publish (at no charge) our experience for other recovering alcoholics. We have absolutely no affiliation with any organization or cause other than our membership as individuals in A.A..

Our written materials are not official AA literature. They usually do, nevertheless, contain information from the Big Book (Alcoholics Anonymous) and other conference approved literature owned and published by Alcoholics Anonymous. All A.A. material used identifies the source from which it is quoted. References in our documents to Big Book content exclude its stories. Included is all material from inside the front cover through page 164, plus Appendices I (Traditions) and II (Spiritual Experience).

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We are blessed with many wonderful friends. Most of these either founded or are regular members of Students of the Big Book group in Woodland Hills, California. Often these wise sober folks drop pearls during our meetings. It seemed a good idea to collect this AA wisdom for others to ponder and live by. Here is our collection:

A  Richard's Aphorisms.

Richard has been sober for much more than a third of a century. We wanted to say a few descriptive words about him here, but he wants to be known only as the sober mystic from Topanga.

A  About Wisdom from Thomas 

Thomas has also been without alcohol for more than a third of a century, but he trails Richard by 18 months. Being one of the founders of Students of the Big Book, Thomas has enjoyed meetings there ever since. This wisdom piece is something he pieced together several years ago.

A  Tony Down-Under Enlilghtens 

We have never met Tony. He has been the sponsor of one of our favorite members, who is gracing the USA with his sober presence. This member-friend, however, has such firm sobriety filled with wise humor, that we felt it was appropriate to ask him for some of the wisdom his sponsor, Tony has given him. When we read this, it is clearly the source of some of the joy we find in our member, G.B.

A  Wisdom Heard in Meetings 

Further quotable aphorisms come from these friends.

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