Down-under Wisdom

Down-under Wisdom

from Tony B.

  1. All of my defects of character lie in my idea that I need to defend myself. (from G.B., himself)

  2. Son, you insist in being a great sailor, but you demand calm seas.

  3. God didn't pull you from the raging surf to kick you to death on the shore.

  4. There are many rules, and they are all mine.

  5. [At the conclusion of my fifth step with him, he said,] "I love you and forgive everything you have done. Now, I want you to take the rest of your life to learn to love yourself."

  6. God will move mountains, but it helps if you bring your own shovel.

  7. AA is full of sick people, son. All you have to do is remember you are one of them. (from Broken Hill Jack)

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